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About Insurance Marine Online

Marine Insurance for your boat involves a fair amount of hassle, filling in over-complicated forms, getting surveys for your boat and signing large cheques. This is because most of our competitors are huge financial organisations that are over run with rules and regulations and governed by insurance risk tables that are as flexible as bone china.

Talk with us at and you will find a refreshing new approach to insuring your boat and your body. Give us a call or an email and you will deal directly with a marine insurance specialist intermediary, describe your needs and we will obtain for you a quote utilizing our extensive knowledge of the risks and the insurance marketplace.

We take a completely different approach to insurance via our online quoting system for your boat.

Not only do we know insurance we have done the sea miles to gain the experience of the needs of cruising sailors. We lived aboard Windemere II for many years, ran the Island Cruising Association for 11 years and sailed together for 55,000 sea miles.

In that time we wrote 6 books, wrote Cruise News for 11 years, wrote for boating NZ for 4 years, conducted many seminars on how to go cruising and lived the dream. Brian’s sea miles are approaching 200,000. So yes we know what you are going through out there in the wild blue yonder. So talk to us soon. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

How to insure your vessel online

First you need to fill in a quote form.

On this web site you have four options of quotes; Coastal, Blue Water, Third Party Only plus Short Term Third Party.

When you receive the quote, online, you will also receive a Proposal Form along with options of how to pay for your premium. Payment is accepted from Credit / Debit cards that display the MasterCard or Visa sign. (this is now the most popular way to pay)
Payment can be done in full or we now give you the option to pay monthly over several months with your card.

After we get your proposal and your payment is cleared you will receive all the Policy Documents online. All going well and it is during office hours in Europe we can do the whole process in 48 hours! We would like to say thank you for giving us the opportunity of insuring your valuable asset.

Remember if you ever have a problem tell us, if you are happy with our service

As Specialist Marine Insurance Consultants we can arrange insurance for: